18 thoughts on “It is Summertime!

  1. Very HOT package / bulge on #3. mmmmmm would love to help him dry his so sexy self off and proceed to other things. Drooling for him! yum, yum thanks for all of them

    • IMP in Picture Number Three empties the car and deposits them in his pond which you can see in back. Recognize that little pool of water as almost in hiding. IMP is hungry and, like everything active, needs energy. IMP gets its picture taking and photographer escapes. Be war against cute sweet swamp berries. They might be feeding IMPS or IMPS hunting for feed. If picture is of what looks like a that is a guy, it is now become an IMP and is needing feeding … you are may be nest next. help One of my favorite pictures ever in all my life. LOVE IMPS. inlove NEXT ! ( me ) inlove seducting me to the pond . . . .

    • The Picture Number One is a ‘He’ but is really a Rock Fairy. Into his tunnel, see the hole be hind him, is where this fairy saves the fairy prey, you, if the Rock Fairy gets you. Long fluffy e hair is its specialty as is being a male its practice. Watch for falling rocks as the fairy might send it your way to get you. Rock Fairies are always hungry. heart Another of one of my favorite pictures. inlove

  2. Bears play, I wanna play too! I LOVE the way he’s biting his bottom lip.
    That last shot, love the one on the far left. He’s showing “hip-attitude” really well.

  3. Are these not the same boys from last summer ? IMP heart and FAIRY heart and their kind inlove are still hunting and are always still hungry. OH !! The rest are the seedlings for the future. OH !! Now THAT makes sense. laugh thanks for this mr. Harry Apples

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