16 thoughts on “Marmelade 8

  1. These pics remind me of the time in Junior high when me and my friend came home from summer school, no one was home and I was so so horny for this boy! After watching a movie about Houdini and his escape abilities I convinced him to try see if he could escape if I tied his hands behind his back, so he let me tie him up and when he couldn’t escape I started out tickling him then wrestled him to the floor and started to grab and rub his D*%K and hump on him…he was laughing the whole time but I was seriously trying to get it! After a while I let him go.. sad …Later that summer we did more…no hands tied this time!!!! laugh Oh how I loved that kid!! inlove

  2. I don’t know, I kind of like to keep my hands free, so I can grab things. If I’m going to get dominated I’d like to at least leave fingernail marks in his bums.

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