20 thoughts on “Rest well Darlings!

  1. It certainly is hard to single out just one anymore than the rest, they’re all such gems. The last one does remind me of floating around the islands in the Puget Sound near Seattle. My boyfriend and I would lay up on the bow all cuddled and wrapped up together in a warm blanket as we cruised all over the sound. Great days, great post.

  2. Think the one in Picture Number Four is a WATER DEMON. Presenting itself as a helpless littlin, it gets you close enough OH! to get you into the water, drown you, and eat you, or, tearin and sharin your flesh with its others, and save a little for later/ Look at those weeds. Within those things are the MMmms leftovers. laugh laugh Watchout for those guys who seem to maybe pretend to be innocent. laugh laugh Especially in bars. laugh laugh WATER DEMONS like liquid and live in those water control parks areas … laugh laugh

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