12 thoughts on “YouTube Boy

  1. I dont mind the glasses at all. His accent is adorable too. I really do have a type of boy i like. Its about 1 in 200 i think. Its all about the face for me, body will follow nice enough usually.

  2. He is a Summertime Sylvan. Please note the square behind him. There you go to wait as the SUMMERTIME SYLVAN works on the next person, being and acting so cute and desirable as to get it, you, and to lure it, you, into the box. SUMMERTIME SYLVANS have to sleep in the cold and that square thing will not smell, much, as SUMMERTIME SYLVAN feeds on its prey, you, in the colder times. Just a simple explanation. What ‘it’ says about vaccines is a s real as we know it is. GOTCHA once GOTCHA for now on. MM mm laugh

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