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  1. This boy is beatiful but I do not like this because every boy needs a father and not two women! What a horrible thing ! Sorry guys but this is horrendous!
    But of course wonderful boy…

    • I knew this would be a controversial post. I am not a fan of boys living without men but the real issue is the obvious contempt displayed by the one woman. Her critical comments about sperm are beyond offensive. If this boy has to grow up in a climate where the two adults in his life despise men and show it that is a huge problem. They don’t have to like penises and sperm but if you are raising a boy you sure as hell need to at least fake it. This boy needs to have his future manhood honored and celebrated which definitely does not come through in this clip. I feel for him getting too many of these messages. I’d love to be there later when he starts producing sperm and to be able to hug him and hold him and tell him how beautiful he is and how awesome his sperm is.

    • So if the father of a child dies, it has no father too. Like in my situation. So i don-t think a child neads a father too evaluate. It just needs a man to talk with about man themes.

      • This is a hard topic to discuss in writing. I have nothing against lesbian couples raising a boy and certainly nothing against single moms for whatever reason they may be on their own. Boys thrive in both situations. What I mean only is that the antagonism in this video is palpable and needs to change. Men can be just as cruel and insensitive to boys and need to change that too. Boyhood needs to be honored more, respected more and the way we teach boys about sexuality needs to be improved no matter who is in charge. And, yes, boys need men in their lives no matter how good the women are. Women can teach boys about sex quite well but boyhood thrives when boys have healthy relationships with non-parental men (and women) and are given positive messages about their sexuality, which this clip does not do. That’s my point. Hope that makes sense.

      • Actually, I do blame him and his whole culture (assuming this is homophobia). Truth is that many many people are not the your typical hetero sexuals; also in the animal world there are plenty of gay animals (long ignored, but not too long ago finally document3d by scientists). It might have certain disadvantages for growing up though without a male role model, but that doesn’t need to happen when he has two female gardians. What I DO agree with however is that if these women tell him stuff like “men are evil and your penis is Bad” then are ruining this kids life; don’t need lesbians to ruin a kids life though; plenty of parents should never be allowed to raise kids…

        • I am just here to see boys and not to argue.
          Please accept my religious feelings. You cannot expect that everybody thinks exactly like you. Accept that there are different views!

    • @ Bryan: It isn’t about hatred of a gay couple. It’s about providing the kid with positive role models in his life and not smothering him with anti-male crap. In any case, this kid is obviously not ready for the kind of information being thrust upon him at this age.

  2. Poor old Rodney Dangerfield. He talked to his pre-adolescent son about the birds and bees…his son told him about Rodney’s wife; his Mother and the butcher. No Respect at all.

  3. I don’t know about what your all talking about.
    I don’t think it really matters who tells the boy but you have to tell them the right things.
    not about penises or sperm or any of that stuff school and his mates will teach him that.
    its getting him to understand if he masturbates its ok if he has sex with a boy at school its ok if god for bid he comes across one of us its ok and non of it means nothing. it doesn’t mean your gay it means nothing its just a bit of fun. that’s what boys need to hear not all this crap they are trying to tell him.

  4. First off …He’s too young to have this kind of conversation, I know,I know some may say its never too young but that’s not what I think! Its my opinion…Especially when the kid is obviously grossed out and is plugging his ears ,,,UH hello! that’s a good clue! Let him be A BOY !!! Just an innocent young bot FIRST !,,Boyhood is very short and should not be taken for granted or taken lightly! He’s a child! Not their experiment! Also UMM did they forget their FATHERS were MEN??? and that you cant have a baby without a MAN and his sperm(and vice a versa) and by the way YOUR BOY IS A FUTURE “MAN” Dummies.. These disgusting “women” are explaining/pushing their agenda on him that some “friend” gave them his sperm and when asking him were sperm comes from and how it gets into the women they mislead him by telling him that it goes in a cup and then is inserted into mommies vagina! And they are making fun of how disgusting sperm is and that it smells bad…maybe they should sniff their own fish factory and that putrid stink box of their own…YUCK now THAT stinks!!! What sick bitches…that’s NOT how babies are supposed to be made and that’s NOT the norm…if they were going to explain it to him at least have the decency to explain conception in the “traditional “way first! When he’s older and starts to ask questions He’s Ready! and I do not think he should learn from “friends at school “either. They don’t know what they are talking about any more then he knows, they are in the same boat,. There is a proper way to go about it at a proper age too! He is way too young to be subjected to their views and sexual preferences towards women and hatred towards men, Its bad enough that he will be ridiculed at school and by some “friends”. That’s way too much to heap on the shoulders of this precious boy! If that was their decision and choice, fine so be it After all most of US on this site who are BL`s don’t have a choice in my humble opinion…that’s just how you are. And as I read from previous^^^ statements above from other members about gays and how male homosexuals can be hateful too(and im sure some are)…I beg to differ…and this like anything else or any other topic out there, There is always good and bad in everything….So from what ive seen and heard in the community is WAY more lesbians are apt to be “Men Haters” then Gay Males are women haters! Many a gay man actually love women! Not as sexual partners or are sexually attracted to them but I don’t see the blatant hate for women from gay guys as I have from lesbians who are men haters,,,just saying? Its just a different dynamic going on….I don’t have anything against two people of the same sex wanting children either, but I do have something against anyone who will spew any sort of hatred or agenda on an innocent child especially a little boy. Boys are very sensitive and are easily influenced by adults especially a parental figure, trust me they will soon loose their innocence and unfortunately learn to hate all on their own without any bad influences like these so called “women”. They are disgusting to me and should NOT BE PARENTS they are unfit. Its funny how some people men, women(straight/gay/single) whatever are bestowed the blessing of a sweet child and some are without? It seems the ones who have them don’t deserve them and the ones that don’t should be the ones that do deserve them…Its a funny world sometimes, things just don’t make sense. If that was my boy I wouldn’t subject him to that type of vial hatred! Id teach him love and respect and cherish his every heartbeat heart and breath! Id hug him hug and kiss him everyday and tell him that I love him with all my heart and soul! inlove

  5. I don’t totally disagree with you but its never to early to tell your child you love them and its ok no matter what he or she does is ok and don’t mean any thing. its to late telling them after the affect there future is set. and your wright we don’t have a choice to what we will be when we grow up it chooses us. and boys are decided from out side influences which greats a thought and this determines what he will be. and as for lesbians they are determined by a male doing harm to them in some way. males are from the thought proses. I hope this explains it for you

  6. Don’t mean to be “that guy” here, but this is a site of boys in “various poses” where more than half the people commenting are complimenting their provocative “figures” (not judging, I’m one of them) and here we are judging same-sex couples adopting? You should probably check where you’re at before casting the first stone.

    • YES! Well said. I don’t get how people visiting this site have the right to pass judgement on anyone. Anyway I’m sure this was posted to be cute and funny and I liked it. Thank you. drinks

    • I am not at all against same sex couples adopting. What I am against is anyone giving boys such negative messages about their reproductive functions. And the one woman in this clip is terribly antagonistic about this boy’s future sexuality. That’s the issue.

      There is no doubt we walk a strange line here. On the one hand, we advocate for boys and boyhood and yet we also crave sexual contact that is almost never in the best interest of the boy. It is a difficult dilemma to be sure. In the end, what keeps me sane is fighting for a better boyhood and how sexuality is presented, taught, modeled and honored is part of it even though it clashes with my deepest selfish desires. I have to put the health and safety and honor of the boy ahead of my selfish desires. And a boy should have his sperm honored instead of told how it is disgusting and smelly no matter who is doing the talking.

  7. First off read what I wrote..I never said that its too early to tell your child you love them! I said its too early to be so specific and graphic about sex to a child of his age and to explain it in man -hater terms…that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with telling a very young child the basics ,for example that it takes a man and a women to make a baby , general knowledge of conception is about all a child of this age at this time can handle,…but there is no need at his age to be so graphic and specific about sperm and vaginas etc etc…and I am not against same sex couples having kids (again READ what I wrote) The fact is that these to “women” to me are not fit parents! Its more of a comment not so much a judgment on same sex couples…and so if I am judging im judging them as unfit hate filled parents and they are doing this poor boy a great injustice……My conscience is clear ! and feel justified while I stand here with a stone in each hand….. yes

    • The man hating message to this boy is clearly the issue here and definitely can fuel an anti-gay or anti-lesbian message which is not my intent. However, lesbians who hold strong negative feelings about men definitely should not be raising a boy given how openly antagonistic their message is to this boy. Again, though, many men and women fail at giving boys healthy sexual messages. Many of us are here because of them most likely. For me, the motivation is to try somehow to improve how sexuality is presented to boys at all stages and ages by all people. No boy at any age should hear comments from an influential adult that his sperm smells and is disgusting. Think of the stigma that could give him throughout his sexual life…

  8. NO WAY ! anger anger anger GOOD for mr. Boys4Life to give out this information about these going ons. Child xex abuse is here on the web. Go to jail for chalking in public a dick and a cunt on a wall or on the street. Go to jail for adding genitals to a photo on the internet. Just looking at it and go to jail. But all get away with such as these xex abuse videos. The human traffickers have nothing to worry about. c.o.p.p.s. infect alive and well..

  9. Only this simple reply to my self … XEX abuse is legal. Know this from antagonism with female sex abuse professionals and their male minions. One just recently hooks her finger at me as a gun. UH OH. Am again under suspicion ? KA KA Have been for forty years. smile smile smile

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