13 thoughts on “Cute and sweet boys

  1. #6 The Best ! A boy that loves his dog is a friend of mine! heart * A good way to judge the character of a man is by the way he treats his animals*……… and umm yeah the boy is way cute too ! #1 Is very alluring looking ,hot!

  2. Picture Number Six is of a duo of twinks. One twinks me and so does the other twink me. That means, each makes me wink. Have to look twice and blink to get it right. Two winks each. Twink. Wink twice to get it right. Then wink twice to get their attention. Wink twice to make them aware of my attraction if they are looking. Only do winking for those ‘worth’ winking at / to / about. Origin of the word twink. F* the official definitions and their F* official word histories. First know the word in 1975 in gay bars. OH ! Sorry. Lecturing again. The boy is as cute as his animal, whatever it is. Had to go back and look again. And again. And again. inlove PERFECT. Thankyou mr. boyslovers trade for that picture. Twink also refers to what you do when your eyes hurt. You squeeze them shut, open and do it again, as well as rub the. ”What did I just see” is something you might say, depending on what you just see. That boy and his animal has this reaction. inlove Repeat … Thankyou mr. boyslovers

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