More Marc. (Shirtless).

Despite the apparent scarcity of photos of Marc, I did manage to find some more. This time, shirtless.

In my last post of Marc in school shorts, someone asked me if Marc was French, like Florian. To be honest, I don’t know, but considering the his name uses the French spelling (Marc), as opposed to the English spelling (Mark), it may well be that he’s French.074111p2rp2qhxsxxiixz0 - asscoboy 154508refip7ofwvqeohw9 - asscoboy 080721ephae4yiqzzejveq - asscoboy 138288052375 - asscoboy 154506mgodxrn6aasgdpd5 - asscoboy Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 22.30.12

11 thoughts on “More Marc. (Shirtless).

    • Florian is now well over 18 years old … 21 by now … so there can be no competition nor an opponent now but perhaps maybe a replacement and there are thousands who are there during his tenure and thousands now to replace him, and he is a STAR as long as he is a STAR despite all and any others, others, and other stars are there along with him as he is never alone during his own STARDOM, others also STAR as FLORIAN SHINES on his OWN they shine on their own too.. Good, Bad, or Otherwise, Florian has his own STAR TO SHINE but he is NEVER ALONE.
      The boy photo look industry is changing.

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