7 thoughts on “New city portraits

  1. I thought for sure I was stuck on the boy in the raincoat. Then there was a long haired blonde climbing on a wall, and he turned around and SMILED! THAT DID IT! I MELTED!

  2. Really ! Couldn’t you just slowly pull that pretty long blonde hair back and kiss that hot smooth sexy face!!! heart Beautiful boy! P.S Sinal..have visited your site its exquisite ! Love the famous “Brown Haired angel” boy…Hes one that’s top in my collection! good

  3. sinal has a wonderful site. Sinal.com Unique among thousand sites. Even XX sites do not wqual him and his site. Evidence is raincoat boy [Picture Number Four joy ] and long blonde hair pine cone [Picture Numbers Six to Ten inlove ]. If you think you are a photographer, you have to equal sinal. [Have to equal LEAF, Quercus, and 100 others. smile ][or is that 1000 other photographers of not only repute but presenters of beauty we lose otherwise ] smile

    • spy cams are not the answer. Quarantee that. WORK at your phoogaphy is. sinal gets no where by mere accident. The FBI spy cam me for years and get nothing interesting. Nothing intersating as they are off beat and odd on their own. Boston Bomber getas away with it as the FBI knows of him and Russia Secret Police warns the FBI and them and he gets away with bombing and gets his place in criminal history. Gay J. Edgar hoover gets letters from Oswald but Oswald gets his place in history along side J. ET AL & ETCETERA. smile smile smile

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