A Few High School Crushes

I just graduated high school last Thursday. I’m going to college in the fall, but here are some of my high school crushes. The first boy is Kieffer and the first 2 pics are from when we were in sophomore year. He was probably one of my biggest crushes at that school.226



The next 3 is him now.




This is Eldin.




This is Sam he was in my English class.



6 thoughts on “A Few High School Crushes

  1. Congratulations on graduating! What do you plan on doing (besides college) now that you’re done with school?
    Also you have some handsome high school crushes. The last two are my favorite.
    I’m 19 if you want to PM me.

  2. very nice retrospecting. thanks for it mr Justin smile Many here refuse to say of the past as much of it is gone, or, what is left, is of fear, hate, anger, and hate, hate being of what the government does to them, officially. smile

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