25 thoughts on “Boy oh Boy

  1. #3 please, please, please! What a nice pix! thanks for sharing all of them.

  2. I would just like to offer,my sincere apologies to all members for my post, I had trouble uploading and as I take pics direct from other sites wrong one slipped through, not an excuse just an explanation, once again sincere apologies

  3. Did someone post a picture of a boy exposing his bare boyhood? shock I can see why the site admin removed from the post. There are strict rules on this site about pornography. Although this is semi porno, with the sites of half naked children, some new bloggers may not appreciate the difference full and partial. Just a few months ago, I ran into a photo here posted by someone who had a picture posted from January, 2005 or earlier: the young lad’s ultra thin material underwear were soaked from river rafting. The young lad’s uncut penis was quite appearing through the material. I am sorry to say that yours truly was the one who became aware, and brought to the attention of the site admin who then removed the photo from the post. Remember that everyone who has an account with BBN has the responsibility to help keep this site clean as possible. If you see anything that breaks the rules such as racy comments or overrated behavior, report it immediately.

  4. Of coarse by all of this discourse it just makes me curious to know what I missed. But then again I am a whole day late, and the early birds get the worms? Hey, that kid face down in picture three SLEEPS JUST LIKE I DO!

    • how can you know that ? my lover lets me know as does the cat. Now, without either, know not ever laugh for sure. laugh Now without the lover and the cat run away this boggy is just full of fantasy about anything about sleep. Boys are the memory. . ha ha

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