12 thoughts on “boys from heaven

  1. Yes, they are both VERY HOT & thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. True,just keep watch for anyone,who would do them harm…..after,well,lets just say,when you go out,lets say to Wal-Mart,to bye a few things for the house,keep your Terminator vision on,and if you see them being watched,or followed,do everything in your power to save them from any harm.You see,i’m now 19,and being messed with at the age of 8,does never go away,no kid deserves that.They deserve a world of wonder,a world of birthdays,good times,friends,and family,and a brite future,we as adults,must make it so,even if you don’t have kids,protect them,if you see anything.I know that as growing up,we see younger,and we wonder,”why….do i like that”? Some cases,its we,in the back of our mind,believe it or not,wanna be that age.Don’t confuse yourself,the mind can do things,that make you think a certain way,you make think you you like something,or someone,when its something else,you just cant sort it out.Attraction you/we,is,in fact,not what you think it is at all.Studies have shown,that some,you,so many,simply,want to have kids of their own,don’t,again,i say confuse yourself.Some studies have shown,its something in the brain,an embalance,tumor,maybe.All said and done,its always okay,because,things do work out…trust me.I’m cute,but when were that young,we all look like we came from heaven. Their real treasures,our future,and so adorable. Have a good one everybody. Kindly yours……..Michael A. Andrews. God Bless. good

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