Kiss me once.

Kiss me once, and you will watch me fall. Kiss me twice and I will give you my all? Which boys would u like to kiss a third time?

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15 thoughts on “Kiss me once.

  1. Well hard (ha ha) to choose but for me GO STEELERS #1 thanks

  2. I remember wanting to do that at my HS football games. Back then I’d be thrashed if someone saw me since I was a jock. I was in love with a 9th grader who was very little. I did everything I could to let him know but alas, it never happened. Looking at the picture, if it is two boys, that’s extremely hot. I can’t tell if the one person is a boy or not. What do you think? If yes, they were brave as hell.

    • I’m sorry you never got to be with your crush. And yes, HE has an adam’s apple. Steve and I were out, rare from where we were. Especially back in 69 to 71 in “farmersville”. You’d have thought the Future Farmers of America might have something more to say about us. But they left us alone, and we held hands and kissed in the hallways, even went to prom together. We were both athletic and looked fit. I guess we weren’t what they were expecting a homosexual to look like? We were a bit before our time. It wasn’t about being brave, it was because we couldn’t help showing how much we loved each other.

      • Wow thats awesome that you two were able to show your love for each other. I was a junior and I fell in love with a freshman. We became best friends but we never got together. He was the love of my life and I still havent gotten over him.

        • This much believe. DITTO as far as you write it. My computer has a name from that love of my younger life. There are other names in use from those younger hunger days, all in use elsewises heart Thanks for waking this walnut up. laugh [The other posters before your post are liars to this opinion. They cannot be serious nor real. beware]

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