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  1. Original source of the word ‘ twink ‘.. It comes from the not from the1920’s, as a thricing, at the time a thinging, an eye thing you do to the head at the table, at the gambling tables, thrice at the scoreboards, ‘ thrikes ‘, three strikes out, two or one more to make sure to too sure their eyes and thus a twink and thus ay before the 1920’s source. See it in an old vestibular writing. The official writers of word use are dictionaries and definitely not actuators nor mathematical, nor definitives, nor are they to be, though they pretend to be, in court rooms. Nowadays the word ‘ twink ‘ is a of a cutr guy, often as a cur, a bad word, but often nowadays a nice word, depending, as usual, on the intention. HA HA As Usual. . . These feet and toes just bring such stuff to mind … sorry to sorry sorry

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