14 thoughts on “Hot Aussie Boys’ Abs

  1. I think the majority of the Australian population probably lives near or close to large beaches such as Bondi Beach and I imagine young Aussie boys frequently either surf or swim a lot which is great exercise and therefore most Aussie boys are mostly fit, trim and well built.
    I doubt if there as many overweight Aussie boys as there are In North America.
    P,S. I don’t think the last two boys are Aussie lads.

  2. OMG! Every time I thought I had a fave, I scrolled down and saw another hot body. What a fantastic collection. The darkie on the left in #7 has a near-perfect physique, #5 is fun, has an amazing v-shaped torso, and clearly knows how hot he is, but #3 is amazing. He has the perfect combination of pretty face, wonderful smile, and sexy-smooth thin flat chest with delicious-looking nipples.

  3. I want me some “Shrimp on the Barbie” and feed me your vegemite you sexy Aussie boys! Damn..I love #4 and 6 the most ,What magnificently hot stud boys they are and not only do they have hot bodies they have cute faces too! That’s a ++ to me!! inlove Wow too hot! heart

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