21 thoughts on “Boys I find adorable

  1. #2 a tad young but wait a few years see if hes not a hot stud boy!!!….#4 both boys are sexy hot but I think I have it for boy on the right…Damn boy!!! heart #6 Those blue eyes and long dark lashes oh so cute! #7 We all know Spencer inlove Love him without question! Look at that sexy smile on his face! hug …Last boy yeah open those legs wider baby!!Hot 6 pack and face!!!!

  2. Picture Number Two is impossible. like, but he is not possible. Picture Number Three has three cute guys but the middle guy’s torso looks too off to be real. Nice post of nice guys. Not mr. blSpain fault for odds. We thank mr. .blSpain Yes, it is he that makes the post. He does not alter the photos. n that is others and we get to have to figure it out. And n knows who I mean. He is one of thousands who do the alterings. Evil creature is n. Ribs do not fit this or that way … they have space between , for example, and you can feel it …

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