20 thoughts on “Boys of my dreams

  1. They’re all hot and I would definitely dream about them. I already dream about doing stuff with my hot crushes all the time and when you do it in a lucid dream it feels even more vivid and lifelike laugh

  2. I would dream about some of them… Ok what the heck ALL OF THEM!!! laugh heart

    Most of them are around water of some sort, so skinny dipping does come to mind. smile #2 let’s just say that I would not trust two young boys around a computer. laugh And #7, even though I can tell it’s photoshopped, I would love to be a part of that crowd. yes

  3. 8 with the wet hair and braces Uuugghh! what a turn on! inlove and what about the last boy! Nice looking kid sexy and bulging yummy what I could do!!!

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