22 thoughts on “Dark beauty

  1. I wonder why nobody express that it sucks to be a boylover..I miss them all the time in my life. I’ts such a stuggle for me. How about you??? Be honest;it’s damn hardsad(( I hate it but can be beautyful at the same time…it makes me crazy sometimes.

  2. BECAUSE ITS HARD TO NEVER FEEL BE ACCEPTATED. Please guys, do create a special forum to share feelings about abjection by society, and the siddering. It may help a lot of lonly boylovers!

  3. He’s a hansom catch! Now, can we find a way to make him smile? I CAN!

    Jente, if you become a member you can go to the forum groups here in this blog. If you don’t find the exact topic you’re looking for, you can start one. It can be rather enlightening to share thoughts with the wonderful people in here.

  4. To your knees and cry. joy inlove heart He is not a brown boy. He is a PURE PERFECT INSTANT LOVE. Rare as he is, there are white boys too also fimilalry effectivr ans affective, amd find some Asians newly discovery OH MY GOD, One out a million. that means eighty million like this creature of a loving god no believe in. Or do. Still cleaning up the tears on the floor. dash

  5. Gorgeous skin color, perfect body, sexy in those speedos, and some wondeful photography (especially the contrast between the brown skin and the yellow background).

  6. With lotsa melting ice cream=this STRONG & handsum teen Adonis youth has a few nice curves & muscles bulgin=betcha he aint no innocent virgin & how many heartz has he already broken? Including mine

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