6 thoughts on “Young Killian part 2

  1. KILLIAN ==> Kill-EE-ummmm and then eat. Wish such a guy to come here and feed. Lots of neighbors who need to pay their dues. laugh The local park he can make use of. There in he can hide and come back here and sleep. And, maybe, just maybe, share some of the flesh. laugh IFF he wants. No arguing with this KILLIAN guy. Would not dare. laugh laugh Old folk need feed too. laugh KILL-EE-AN, a version of a killiar, goes by the name Killian, is a favorite of the hundredtenhundrd thousand. He has competitors. Time to shut up and have food. laugh laugh Thank you mr. noone Just having feed … fun laugh your fault … mmmm JUST KIDDING. JUST HAVING SOME FUN writing this.

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