19 thoughts on “Boys in shorts

  1. I’m stealing the entire tree, boy and all! I’m planting them both in my boy-tree orchard. WOW! Nice post, I love the vintage ones too. Maybe because I’M vintage?

    • Stealing again, Wolof. I really don’t know what we cam do with you. Just don’t forget that boys and trees are vey special, so handle with care. As you can see, boys grow on trees, and they’re the forbidden fruit, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. As for vintage, well, vintage is the best; for example, vintage wine, vintage Ravel, vintage Mozart, etc., etc.. I’m pleased you liked the post. I’ll be posting some more on the same theme.

      • A lady next door to me once said that if I wanted any of her rose clippings for my garden I had to steal them. She said they bloomed better if I did that. Some kind of fun superstition. I thought if it worked with roses, it might work with boy-tree’s too? And of coarse, I treat ALL flowers with particular care and love, why else have them?

  2. Washington chops down the cherry tree, and that is a non sense, but, cherry trees are full of sweets, and the revolution boys are part of all that Washington is more than aware of at the time. The cherry tree thing is for him and about him and not of him. How do you regulate cherries. laugh When free, cherries do their thing, succulent or just plain sweet, sour or plain. Who regulates the regulators ? Who regulates cherries? laugh laugh Who regulates us as if we are the regulators ? UH OH We old boys make no more sense of boys and certainly no more than boys make sense as boys. or, something lick that . laugh laugh laugh thanks for the post mr Dave boy 123

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