11 thoughts on “Soccer Boys Pt 4

    • So say many. Note the difference of old 1950’s and before and the baggy newer. The year of the change is the1960’s or 1970’s but so not know, USA Basketball is how first notice. OH !!n USA Boxing is how first notice. They say at the time a fear of gay. The guys who do surfimg say so similar. Back then in the 1970’s. Fear of being gay after ten thousand years of sports ? DUH laugh Never even know what GAY is at the time. laugh Now do. Bagggy pants start the year upon invention, 10000 years ago. Baggy as a ‘fashion’ starts in the 1980’s. Remember the ads saying such, baggy as a fashion. As if. laugh Sorry to lecture.

  1. Look at pic #1 the old guys are playing pocket pool in back of that hot boy… chuckle Do you blame them? no …#6 Id hug him all day hug wish there was affront shot so we can see more of that face!!! Love his long brown locks too! What a sexy boy!!! inlove

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