16 thoughts on “Wow 3 cute boys car wash

  1. So they show the license plate, then he says, “don’t show the license plate”, amateurs. Wish I didn’t have to listen to the film crew, director, the kids were great.

  2. I like the way boy in the has middles speech affect when he says” did you puupusly make it duh- tee”so cute little boyish baby talk he is so adorable hug would car through the mud dailey just to have these boys clean it up….! yes also I wished dash i lived across the street from that show wow..!

    • This is put out by the guy that owns Tiger Underwear/Quality Diapers. I’ve see the boys model diapers as well as briefs. The gay sounding guy is the owner…I’ve talked to him when ordering from his company’s.

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