8 thoughts on “Boys and Summer

  1. The boy smelling the flowers looks like he just found a BEE! And the kid laying on his back just hanging out in the breeze? Priceless, and love his smile. That last picture has an awfully large tree. Going to be difficult digging it up to put it in with my other boy-trees for my orchard, but the boy is worth it.

  2. #1 hot young surfer blonde boy with long hair How can you go wrong! What a hot boy inlove#5 cute pair love to have fun with both boys…#6 Of course thats a hot one too! Beautifully tanned body and all wet with that boy butt hangin 10 lovely boy!!

  3. OK, digradude can you Dylan & I share #6. Probably too late for that but would soo like to find that beach & body surf ha ha with him. Thanks for a hot post all very lovely.

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