Member’s Choice: PAIRS VI

10 Boy Pairs.

3 Questions:

  1.  Which Pair is the Best Looking?
  2. Which Pair is the Cutest?
  3. Which Pair is the Hottest?   












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Thanks for your participation.

Geo Washington

21 thoughts on “Member’s Choice: PAIRS VI

  1. This going to sound like such a copout but for all three choices I picked eight. Over all they win hands down, (don’t go there) for me today. As a pair they have it all. Otherwise I would have to split up the other boys individually because I like one more than the other. I like BOTH of these guys.

  2. Best looking: #10 Handsome models and nice clothes
    Cutest: #7 (BFF’s or brothers. Either way they’re close friends)
    Hottest: #4 (Also my favorite of whole post. Boys are hot and love seeing their underwear. Also tallest looks like he has on braces which is a factor I love)
    Thanks for the post.

  3. Hottest–#4 very hot in these clothes. Cutest-#8. I love seeing boys playing in there underwear. best looking–#1 so beautiful to me. Thanks for doing this.

  4. #6 interests me….notice the boy on the right is looking at what he likes to look at. Me too! I love blondes too. But it would be an honor to have both… on each side of as we “sleep”Oh….you guys! ! ! ! ! am I the only one or does this emoji dash seem to be doing something other than banging his head……would love to hear from you

  5. Hmm? A most difficult determination given the criteria since I’ve always considered the realm of cuteness generally attributed to younger boys say 10 and under, but then again boys 12 and up including younger teens can combine cuteness, hotness, and good looks into a single package, especially where a preference for shirtlesness is involved therefore my three pics are number 1..4 and 6.
    Based solely on faces alone, that is to say portraiture, my choices may have been different.

  6. The boys in the second picture don’t move me much but I like all the rest.My favourite is the boy sitting down in picture 8! I love his socks! And the bike boys are too cute for their own good!

  7. You gotta love Marcus & Martinus at #2, if you’re from Norway, you would understand that. But the other ones are beautiful as well. And if I was going to pick a specific one, it had too be #6.

  8. Wow this was a challenge to decide. A fun challenge for sure.
    My vote:
    Best looking: #4. For their subtle smile and perfect physiques.
    Cutest looking: #1. For their playful eyes and smiles.
    Hottest looking: #21. I added #6, 7, and 8 together. Can’t do that? ok…… #7 then. While 6 and 8 have very hot smooth legs, which I LOVE, and tans, and brown nips, it’s the eyes that draw my attention first. I chose 7 for their soulful eyes, and the beautiful natural smile of the boy on the left, and the “come hither” look of the boy on the right.

  9. #2 Definitely are the cutest…… why, because they are way on top of cuteness. I have been looking at boys longer than most of you are old. TRUST ME yes
    #10 For best looking…why…both boys are just beginning to leave (cute) and go into (handsome) and doing a fantastic job with the transition
    #6 For the hottest……these two young boys are sitting there,perfectly poised and showing their beautiful, perfectly chiseled bodies , for their age…….to me …..THE VERY hottest of all the boys……please let me know how it comes down [email protected] Thank You
    PS Of all the boys I’ve on this site, they were ALL good looking,cute, or hot, in some way heart

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