13 thoughts on “Spread

  1. #1 looks only too happy to show his wares……#2 may be sleeping,but not everything is,cute…#4 spread nice an wide and looking very tasty…..ah yes ,and #9, so cute,so young,so ready for ……..when I was his age I didn’t even know I had one laugh someone’s been “diddling”

  2. Oh how beautiful landscapes! I love beautiful landscapes … especially large-scale landscapes. Sometimes a small or even a bit higher hummocks look so cool. Sometimes it would be nice to hike and explore such landscapes and mounds in more detail. From there you could find amazing things like snakes or worms. So tasty to suck when ripe.
    Otherwise, it would be nice one day to learn English. Fortunately, the Google translator does the job just fine, but it would be nice to also understand something from previous text myself. In any case, those wide landscapes look so lovely and sweet. wacko sorry donkey worry laugh

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