I am leaving … On holiday…

So …

Hang on in there, I’ll be back.

Have fun

Meet some friends

Take a stand

Yeah, I also have my doubts about that show (check the poster)

He is just to stunning. Playing in the mud.


But mud is fun.

And if you feel bored, try a run on the beach…
img_2770_26172463820_o kopie

img_2767_25842478443_o kopie

15 thoughts on “Finally

  1. WOW! These are GREAT! and humorous too. (I’d write something about the poster in the background, but I’m afraid the mean old auto-bot would grab me AGAIN!)

  2. ok… a lot of others, I’m always looking for legs,butts, and bulges,smooth soft bodies,on these little angels, but this time, I picked #9 He is just an innocent beautiful, cute little boy..waving. His right hand is clenched as if it is cold…..he’s not showing anything but his cuteness . . . .I think I found the one I would love to love ! ! heart heart inlove good what do you think Woluf?

    • Just as soon as I finish pantsing the guys hanging in the first shot and run away, I’ll come join you on the beach. That great smile and his rosy wind blown cheeks looks like he needs to get someplace warm. Maybe he could use me for a wind block?

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