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  1. I love the expression in the black and white right ones face, looks a bot like an avatar that’s been running around here (I have no idea who you mean), and the bath reminds me of me trying to see how long I could hold my breath (over three minutes, but I made the water a bit yellow doing it). But I beat my older brothers record, that’s all that mattered.

  2. Beautiful post! For lack of saying anything that will be offensive though ive read comments that were far more suggestive than I’ve written by other members at other times for other posts – I cant feel free to voice my slightly risqué/suggestive language, I guess ill have to alter my opinion for fear that this comment will be censored like many others in the past week that I’ve written,I always try to stay within the “community rules and guidelines” of this blog site but upon further review of past comments that aren’t being seen ill opt out this time and say something of a generic natured and well thought out vanilla comment like “Nice post”…surgical enough? rtfm

    • yeah it is possible that there are other bad comments too. If you read one you should help and use the report function. I do not read all comments of the blog.
      But i read all your comments, because I know did you are writing often border-lined things. but you are not the only one unfortunately. It is just much work for me, I would prefer not to approve any of your comments manually.

      • Thank you for your tireless effort on this website first and foremost, It is appreciated! and I do not wish to cause you any undue stress from editing/censoring. I don’t know if you are the only one that’s involved or have other moderators ?or do you use automated bots that key in on particular words or phrasing?You state that you “do not read all comments on the blog”? So I wonder how you know they are abiding by the rules and I am not? You state “but I read all of your comments, because I know you are writing often border-lined things”. To me that suggest that I am “flagged” or “marked” as a potential violator? Doesn’t it?Also in your comment you say “I would prefer not to approve any of your comments manually”…Is there some other way you approve other member’s comments other then manually?”…Im sorry but I feel like I am being singled out here? and as far as helping out and reporting on other members comments that I deem inappropriate, I do not feel that it is my position to “snitch” on other members . Im sorry to burden you with such trivial issues but I feel very unwelcome as far as commenting in the future other then to alter my feelings and words to conform to the standards set forth. again im not here to pick a fight with you I admire what you are doing and like you for it even though I do not know you,Im just trying to clarify what exactly is appropriate and if I am the only one whos held to a higher standard then others. Thank You Sincerely! good

        • Firstly i will say that you are not unwelcome at all. I really like some of your comments. because I know sometimes you are discussing with others in a nice way without offending the other side. Not all are able to argue their opinions in that way and i like that. So i think you are a enrichment for the community. joy
          To your questions:
          Currently only i do moderate comments.
          And yes there is a list with “blacklisted” keywords, that means not that it is not allowed to use that words. But if a comment contains one of them, it must be moderated.
          Normally the comments of members will be approved instantly, so yes your name is marked as “always need moderation”
          I think some of your comments was to often reported. So if i notice there are to often borderlined comments by one author, i will flag this author for moderation.
          Of course seometimes I do have naughty thoughts too. But I think that is a private thing and not suitable for the public areas here on the site. Not all BL feel comfortable with it and not all visitors are BL.
          And btw the reporting function is anonym, so i can not see who was reporting it and a reporting does not leads to an automatically disapering of the reported comment. It is just flagged as “reported” and I must decide later if it is ok or not. It is important that inappropriate comments will be reported. In order to obtain at least a minimum level chuckle

  3. ARES was the Olympian ( Greek ) god of war, battlelust, courage and civil order. In ancient Greek art he was depicted as either a mature, bearded warrior armed for battle, or a nude, beardless youth with a helm and spear. Helm know only as a wheel to steer a boat but refers here to a warrior’s helmet. These little ones in this post do not qualify to this but as flowers and blossoms yet to grow into more, as some boys might become and grow into much more, as many have to be the warriors in the future. smile Comments are often awaiting moderation. Bad past. Too bad … and good for the site.

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