13 thoughts on “Melon Boy

  1. Not my type really but he was worth practicing my photo method. You guys need to get the free HVR app on Android. It records video with the screen off and then i just take screen shots.

  2. He’s certainly my type, and certainly worth a whole load more than just a bit of practise with a photo app. He’s very handsome and quietly cute.
    Definitely worth a whole load more than a bit of practise with a photo app. I mean! Come on!

  3. Haha BY seeing that little set i must thinking to my boyhood laugh I did not really like honey melons for eating. But one time i did try a other using with it. It was really funny , i wish to be again in that age chuckle

    • You do not like honey melons ? This site would not be here otherwise. HA HA !! OH !! SORRY. Love to play with comments. Like to lecture every time can. Love boys but never want to be one again. NO. Just love them for the memories and the beauty and the fantasy and the opportunities missing back then. You have a nice site for that. THANK YOU heart

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