Eric the Body Part 3 (younger years)

Eric is one of my favorite boys all-time. He’s so imperfectly perfect – blond hair, light freckles, moles across his torso, those nice nipples that when he gets older will be delightfully mismatched. The photographer was a neighbor who noticed early on that the little cutie next-door was someone special. Kudos to him for recording for us his development from a little cutie to a sexy preteen to a handsome young teen with a great body. For me, no boy on the internet exudes more raw sex appeal than this guy, at all ages.

eric0184 Eric0711 Eric0713 Eric0721 Eric0720 Eric0716 Eric0722 Eric0715 last20004x 5305547mWe

9 thoughts on “Eric the Body Part 3 (younger years)

    • These were first posted by the photographer on an old long-gone boys board, one of the first iterations of “Star-kids”, if anyone remembers that. While he never had a relationship with Eric or his mom other than “friend of the family”, it was clear from his posts that he was attracted to Eric early on. He also was friends with other boys in the neighborhood and shared pictures of them too, but Eric was clearly his favorite. Mine too.

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