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  1. I am not complainuing but why do so many boys strip down to underwear to go fishing as in #2. It’s an awesome sight but when I was a lad i used to fish quite a lot and if anyone had suggested I strip down to my (under) pants I probably would have died from shock!!!!!!!!! Like I said though I am not complaining laugh laugh laugh

      • Too often, in the USA and UK, half naked is naked. Not a unique puritanan thing. It is a world wide reaction, all dependant on the peoples. In the USA, Abraham Lincoln is they say gay as he walks around the White house half naked with his half naked old friend. Also because he sleeps in the same bed, before president, as a new lawyer, with another man, as he cannot find a separate bed, having no money. People do not realize that in the woods there are no people to contend with ! And if you grow up there in the non-populate woods, there is no qualm. Some Greeks still do the bacchanal. So do some Russians. So do the young everywhere if they can get away with it. Lincoln is as gay as a rock. The LGT movement says Lincoln is gay. Nonsense. The GLT groups also say Washington is also gay, as that military Frenchman and that Polish military man come and seek him out. Not the way things work. J. Edgar Hoover is obviously gay, when alive, that before this guy even knows what gay is this guy KNOWS he is gay. DITTO Liberace. DITTO a lot of big guys in the military. Alexander ‘the great’ is as gay as a horny man in the military can often be, and make loving sex, and has a lover. That is not really gay. Military men witness this to this person and this man witnesses it also. It is gay in a horny sense, with love and devotion. The men follow Alexander all the way to the Indus River in India from their little area north of Greece. GAY ? HA HA !! laugh laugh laugh

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