20 thoughts on “A few pics of me

  1. Hello Maxx i love very boys up to 18 y o
    I love very boys feet
    You are a beautiful boy
    You are for me a little brother
    My dream is see your feet

  2. Im no where near your age, and even though you’re within my AOA, I’ll look only. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
    I’ve just gotta say, I really really do hope you boys today realize how lucky you are. You have various blog sites to meet other boys, you have social media, you have smartphones with apps to share pics- I aint talkin about just face pics either. Holy crap to be 13, 14, 15, 16 again. When I was that young, there was nothing, nada, no way in hell to meet other boys as easy as you have it today. Sorry. That’s my rant. If you can call it that. But yeah, I really do wish you the best in finding a boy that you like.

  3. I feel I should warn you, if you keep posting shirtless pictures of yourself, there’s a possibility that a lot of people will keep telling you how hot you are, how sexy you are, and what a great body you have. I wasn’t sure if that’s something you could accept, so it’s only fair that you should know.

    Seriously, you look great. Keep em coming, and keep that shirt off. smile inlove heart

  4. While in public school in the USA, there is every way possible to meet and greet, at your danger, but also without any danger. The schools are large this guy writing goes to and there are lots of guys with areas and ways for looks as triggers and clues and ways to go. That is this guy, this writer. Maxx1500 shows he wants out of the confines he finds himself in, as he thinks of it. Good for him . . . smile

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