12 thoughts on “Teen Killian

  1. The original pictures are of large size as they are for sale to subscribers who pay for them after the photos are of a making for pay of and for a private making. The originals others sneak out over the years anyway in various versions. Wish KILLIAN would ask this guy for friendship and he would get it, no sex, just comradery. Pure and Simple Comradery. Thanks for these. Some are new to me. Many viewers over the years say KILLIAN is a photoshop and this one says that they are jealous. KILLIAN is knowable as this man says he is, Killian is a for real. Some photos get alter anyway by others but he is quite real. Know this by conversation with original photography company. Ask and seek and find. [Fail by being too old for them or anyone else to care for. MEW. SNIFF. CRY. No body likes me. WEEP]

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