18 thoughts on “Absolute Speedo

  1. Very hard (ha ha) to choose. They are all so hot. I’ll take #7 first…he and his speedo are great together. And then 9. thanks for sharing all of them.

    • A wonderful insight into the beauty of an average boy that many would not see as extraordinary. Thanks for your thoughts! As Walter, The Woodsman, once noted, “Uncommon beauty is commonly overlooked.” That’s true of pretty little girls, about whom Walter was talking, but also of sexy skinny and uniquely built boys like the sexpot in #7.

  2. That was a tough choice. But I’ll take a tall drink of number three…I mean a drink of, er, WITH that one, … yes that’s it. Sorry, he was leaning over me at the time I was typing, LOL! “Hey! Give me my shorts back!”

  3. Thank to you for the LEAF left over … lose all and get some back one back at a pleasant time, that is Picture Number FIVE. LOVE the guy in Picture Number SEVEN which looks liks a LEAF but is a USA swim suit sweetness a tree leaves for us to enjoy and he to go on and create. heart

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