17 thoughts on “Boys I know

  1. As is so common … all the (c) and logos and any photographers’ self ticks are cut off, as is obvious in Picture Number FOUR. Love the photos. HATE the any one who hates the originators and who then try to re-create others’ photos as their own. This goes on since the written word, so snipping and snitiching is nothing new. Most of the time this is how the photo is as we find it, having others chipping and chopping and altering it, and the rest of them, for over a hundred years since way before the video. Know this by base xperience. UH OH Time to shut up. LIKE THESE OLD PHOTOS !!! ha ha But like them do !! Which is why say anything … SHUT THAT UP !!! But they might … SHUT IT !! OR … GET a SHOT. OH. MMMM ;-)

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