12 thoughts on “Boys in the rain

  1. Just thinking about drying them both off and what would be a nice way to warm them both up. thanks for sharing them.

  2. I used to wash my car in the rain, it’s not quite the same is it. I wonder if they’d help me? I could just picture how that one cute dude would do my tires.

  3. Adults control this. It is obviously not some spontaneous acts by these kids. Cute. But not without adults creating it. The 2nd boy is not in comfort with it. He fake pees on the plants, fake pees twice. The plants have handles on them which is as you buy then, NOT how you actually place them in a yard, certainly not a yard as garnered as this. ha ha Been there, done that, with plants, in yards, for the rich, for a living, and no handles. Cute video but … ^.^

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