Member’s Choice XVI


Which Boy Do YOU like BEST?
Which Do YOU wish to see more pics of?


BOY #1
Thanks for your participation.

38 thoughts on “Member’s Choice XVI

  1. too difficult sad one is a great slender boy, maybe a bit cuter than 2, but 2 is very pretty too and has an incredible nice upper body inlove and i like his haircut and additionally he seems to be in football so i choose #2 joy penguin chuckle

  2. #1 for sure..!!!! Gotta love the old school F/L briefs with the blue waistband ……classic briefs, would love to see same pic without the jeans….!!!!!! laugh heart diablo hug dash inlove

  3. I love and want to see more of boy #1 please! laugh

    He’s one of the boys whom I have seen some pictures around, but never actually gotten to see more of. Been looking for more of him for quite a while, so I’ll be looking forward to your next post heart

    #2 is pretty awesome as well! I’m pretty sure he is Arturo, and it’s definitely a pleasure to see more of him too!

    Either way, regardless of the results, it is no doubt that your next post is gonna to be awesome drinks

  4. Both are very handsome, but the first boy has always been the one who I am drawn to most, perhaps because he appears slightly shy? There is at least one more pic in this series, with him wearing a teeshirt, that is probably my face pic of him.


  5. I’m attracted to more masculine, athletic boys, generally. Therefore I find #2 absolutely delicious. Really nice athletic form, and handsome in a masculine way. Thank you, Jake97, for the entertaining post.

  6. Love the pretty bo #1 for his ears. He is a cat and a wow. He is to become a #2 when he gets older … and he will get every girl in school. Nibble ears. MMMM. Help him to grow up. Hope he has many cute kittens just like him. Love #2 too but for different reasons. VOTE FOR #1.

  7. inlove gamer Amigo que buena selección de fotos mi favorito es el niño de las primeras fotos y si tiene más fotos de el lo invito a publicarlas.

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