13 thoughts on “Wheel of death

  1. Boys should be more careful, if that wheel hits him just right, it could/would scar him for life!
    this isn’t any different than boys doing the Nut-punch to each other! boys have received serious injury from it.

  2. Sounds to me like girls ( or women ) photographing boys who are play acting to risk in fun the whip off the tip of the male dick. It is a dare for the boy. It looks as a more than one she, more than one female, or a woman adult, convincing as this is, who wants to photograph to evidence HER complete her hate of a boy’s dick tip. Eight billion people later. We still get the anti-male lesbian, not mere lesbian, and the other female anti-male hate groups, and, by the way the male anti-males, all haters of the penis, and gay hate groups, all haters of a of the penis. The hate of the male emitter of sperm. OH !! Semen Spit. ha ha ha Are babies a poop ? Some women say so. Know of this hate. Eight billion people and they still hate. Go figure. Have fun meanwhile. ha ha ha Have fun until

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