17 thoughts on “Boy Bank #5 (update)

  1. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. The last picture, Picture Number Eight, the foresting piece of a ghost of the dead. He ( and there are she’s ! ) makes you want to come to him. He makes you move the into his tree land. And you do. Guess what happens to you. And he and his yelps get the fill of you. They then go on. They go on in search of another. Death is hungry. MMM-mmm ha ha ha Time for lunch. Nice post. Like a lot of these and Picture Number ONE is of a guy needing rescue.

  2. Last pic…”OMG”………help me. What a hottie,look out girls,cause hes coming to a school near you.All the best,to you,you sexy lil thang! Oh,i am a young guy,i’m not an old pedo,just to let you know……..don’t u all out there hurt any young one.Their our future,God bless all of them Later all. Peace. good

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