17 thoughts on “A few pics of me(pt 2)

  1. Like to see more of you ?….like a face shot or full body shot? I mean what you have should be seen more no? Its hard to see the real you from all the distractions ie: the phone in front of your face and the steam/shower shot that’s so far away. Just sayin…but you do look very hot …from a distance anyway good lookin forward to seeing more of you sweetie! heart****** Okay OOoops..while looking at your “all posts” after ive already made my comments, I did see a full on face shot of you so I do apologize!! YOU ARE HOT!!!!! so for me its foot in mouth for now….(retraction, retraction)…lol bye sexy boy! Love your face!!!!!!!

    • He needs a spanking for fooling around with you !! And he needs another spanking after you kiss him and make up. And he must get a real good hard severe several sparkings after those spankings to make him a boy for real.

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