26 thoughts on “Baywatch :)

  1. Stunning athletic boys. Youth is such a gift to enjoy and a joy to observe.
    “I saw an Angle, of that I’m sure”………..Lord Byron
    “How beautiful is Youth ! How bright it Gleams
    with its illusions, aspirations and Dreams”…………..Longfellow
    heart heart heart

    • Pythagoras sees an angle and also sees youth. 2500 years later we get to know opt that. ha ha ha Just kidding … the cat downstairs meows at its door now at 3am and wants my fish. It will not get any. Fed it yesterday. It is his cat not mine. There is a triangle hook to my mouth which circles down. The triangle circle square math geometry problem has a real solution and odd but real. My joke is One Geometry Solution is to eat. My cat solves that. The other cat, the one downstairs, continues to pose a problem. ha ha ha My favorite picture is Picture Number FOUR … he KNOWS the photographer is there and he continues to move all around in anyway as a boy can, and they both bo do …… do both bo figure why ? Shich bo id fooling which bo … who is fooling who ? He is having as much fun as we are looking. Wish. Wish. Wish. MM mmm We old freaks look out but we young freaks freak out too … ha ha ha I know which guy saschax99 wants best. My cat says it …. oops

  2. Living near the beach im lucky enough to see hot surfer boys a lot!! Love them! These boys are some of the hottest boys ive seen of surfer boys on BoB..great ! love them both..love inlove the age! Love there cute faces hot noses and sexy boy surfer bodies. I would love to be any where these boys are!! selection and choice of pics for your post!!! Again Great choice of boys they are PEFRFECT !! Age,beauty,sexy hot slim bodies,hair,eyes,noses.lips etc etc!! WOW IM IN LOVE (again,,,lol,,,, chuckle ) No but this time for sure!!! yes

  3. It really hurts me to see this… They are so beautiful and I want to be them I think the one on the left in first pic is Jordan, he looks older. What legs he has!! I think Jordan (on the left in first pic) is 13 and Johnny is 12. .. I wonder if they have girlfriends

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