18 thoughts on “selfie of me

  1. WOW.. heart If that is really you…You are beautiful!!! inlove Very nice looking face! Model type! Love your hair, your eyes your lips and that mole on your cheek is a nice touch to that gorgeous face! heart heart From the outline of your clothing it looks like you have one hot smoking body under all that clothing! Would love to see you in a wife beater or even a shirtless pit shot..( I know it may sound like im getting pervvy..lol chuckle but im curious!!!.Love to see more of that beautiful face with a pretty smile! Cant wait for more of your posts (Pics) You’ll definitely get a lot of attention with that face boy! I even enlarged it to a close up to see more of that face!!! Oh im in love now lol…. Damn boy you are HOT!!! see ya! sexy boy! heart hug inlove joy

  2. Dear boyzzz i love very boys feet with all my soul and heart
    You are a beautiful and wonderful boy
    My dream is see your feet
    Do you want to be my friend?

    • I love you very with all my soul and heart because you are very tender and sweet
      You are a wonderful little angel
      You are for me a little brother
      I love very boys and girls but my preference is for boys
      I kiss you and I embrace you strong
      Can i see you with flip-flop and barefoot?

  3. boyzzz..They cant come fast enough for me ! heart Please hurry back I cant take the anticipation…but like they say good things come to those who wait! And your a GOOD THING!,,,well better then that but I think you get it! inlove Your Great!

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