12 thoughts on “White Boys

  1. Hey guys am new but will like to no more about the last picture cus it was this Boy dat cut my atention to regester for this blog so if you have any reply me thanks

    • First of all Welcome fellow BL……Since no one answered you I will try..That is “Scotty” from ScottyDream.com pics…He is one of my top 10 probably top 5 even…Hes a really cute boy! yes There are tons of pics of him and all are beautiful! You can use the “search” to find more of him on BOB… heart You have great taste in cute boys Congrats! good Hope you love this site like I do…For the Beauty of Boys!!!

    • BO NOT TOUCH !! BO be me mine and be like a white BO do you do leave alone for mee. ha ha ha Just kidding. FUN ! White bo my bo and give a key to this place … ha ha ha . fully wet bo and fully clothed bo and also a needy bo crawling in to make himself a bo home … ha ha ha THAT would be a bo day …. ha ha ha

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