11 thoughts on “Absolute Couple

  1. Can’t choose as they are all gorgeous but thanks for sharing all of them. Since I do have to choose based on pure “beauty” of both I can’t resist #1 couple.

  2. really difficult choice. loved every one of them. had to go with #2 tho, even tho distracted by the waves or something. He doesnt seem like he’s gonna let go. Plus him on the left is stunning cute ;-p. Thanx for posting smile

  3. Picture Number ONE is of two guys having fun, or, seems to be just that
    Picture Number FIVE, the LEAF photo, are of two guys being buddies.
    Picture Number SEVEN reminds me of a fight about to start. Hope the blond boy wins and the paddle boy gets rift.
    Picture Number EIGHT looks like two guys who like each other. Preferthe guy in the back who seems actively attentive.
    LIKE and thanks for this.

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