11 thoughts on “Boy at a Fountain 3

  1. It should be titled Boys at a Fountain. There are 2 different boys wearing similiar shorts (hair length gives it away). I like the first boy better, especially in pics 1, 2, 5 & 6.

  2. Like the first pic how a second “ghost boy” shows up in the lower left corner! Great shot photog. and how his pants are see through! yes But I like second darker haired bot better! Both are hot but I like second boy! Pics 4,7,8,9..Hes hot!!! inlove

  3. Both boys ( the pants are different AND they look different AND the hair is different ) NRRD good ass spankigs and be put under sontrol. FUN and good looking guys. I cannot figure the ” ghost ” in Picture Number ONE … the photographer’s oddity ? Like these two boys and want to help to get them dry. Like them to get away from that photographer, whoever he is …. sneaky little thing he is. smile

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