25 thoughts on “Boys with braces are super cute

  1. Braces are like an alter ego for youth these days . An added characteristic , not like the heavy metal stuff back in the day.
    These boys are full of happy smiles…

  2. Agree Oliver95 and Saschax99…I LOVE love love boys with braces!!!. It stands for the ULTIMATE in youth of boys…It just screams im a boy!!!!.Ive commented on previous “boys with braces” posts and I got a little naughty and my comments weren’t posted so I have to watch my tongue here lol.. chuckle .To keep it clean> I have had about 4 past boyfriends/boylovers as a boy myself that had braces! My first was when I was 11 and he was 16 I was in love with him and his shiny braces…from that day on I always and always will LOVE.. inlove a boy with braces! Even a boy that’s not that hot ,looks very hot in braces! Yeah a fetish but you cant deny a guy a little fun? ANY boy in braces has my full attention! Great post…you even have a few I didn’t have! Thanks!

    • boyaddicked is indeed boyaddicked. Ugly boys might have braces and still be ugly. Some boys have braces that make them into correctives . Decorative is what modern braces are partly about, as well as teeth correcting. Sometimes that works. Sometimes modern dentures work better than the natural teeth they are meant to correct, I remember that one denture boy animal. She has him. He wants me. He looks at me awow with that animal brace tooth smile. But she has him in her tow. … animaline brace boy. ;-)

  3. blSpain for me boys are not NEVER ugly ok? Boys are best in the world and i am in love with boys
    I love very boys with all my soul and heart
    I love very boys feet and boys are wonderful flowers of life.
    Boys are for me my little brothers
    My big dream is see your feet.

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