Scotty, Tristan & Kayden Carwash + Download!

I know this has been posted recently ago, but I still think the video is pretty awesome!

So for anyone interested, here’s the download link for the video (1.5G):

In any case download links aren’t allowed for this site, feel free to contact me for the download link!

I think the 3 boys in this shoot were so damn adorable, especially Tristan! (Which is why most of my screenshots include him)

But at the same time I also have a few questions while watching:
1) Where was this filmed? Looks like a neighbourhood to me…lucky residents get to see 3 cuties washing a car! What would you do if you walked past that neighbourhood while they were shooting?

2) I don’t seem to see any photos which were taken during this ‘photoshoot’. I hear alot of camera sounds in the video, but I’ve never actually seen the photo set taken in this video. Does anyone has them?

3) If you could hire one of the boys to wash your car, who would it be? For me, it’d definitely be Tristan. He’s just so cute!3












Here’s a clip from the video of Scotty singing! He’s got a voice!

Tristan’s so cute when he said “I’ve never heard about that song before!”

23 thoughts on “Scotty, Tristan & Kayden Carwash + Download!

  1. It doesn’t get any better than these three cuties in their briefs. I’m a huge fan of Tiger brand underwear and have several different pairs in a size 14-16. They have an “old school” fit and are very soft, thick and comfortable. Expensive, but worth every penny. I’ve been dying to see some of the “Tiger boys” modeling Tiger’s new “low rise” style briefs!! smile

  2. Thanks, CDS, for reminding me of these photos. Re. question one, I’m guessing (Southern) California…..note neo-Spanish stucco and tile architecture. Walking by, I’d offer (or beg) to help…….wouldn’t you? Re. question two, yes, photos exist in the archives at TIGER, but I remember being told there was a problem about releasing them. It seems when very wet, those great little briefs become VERY REVEALING and ………!!!!!!!!! Re. three, I share your admiration for ‘Tristan’, who always seems a little shy and less self-confident than ‘Scotty’…………

      • You can always call TIGER…….nothing ventured, etc. Thanks again for the photos and the reply…….it’s great to know someone enjoys the same things I do…….

  3. Tried the download website..says it doesn’t exist? anyone know were to find this video? I thought I first saw it here on BoB? What happened? And why cant you put a link here? Ive seen other links before? Whats the deal? This is one hot video shoot P.S. The vid at the end is cute I love the way the Tristan has some sort of accent or speech affect…Like a widdle boy… chuckle and Scotty is so sexy ,He has a southern draw to his voice..I like his singing too! I like the way after he sings and says “What” ( Ooo! Snap) ,.They are too sexy boys..Love the white undies all wet…..

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