19 thoughts on “Start the week

    • Mess up the room. Clean it up. Make it nice and orderly. Mess up the room. Pick every thing off the floor, Put everything where it belongs. Mess up the room. Put the undies in the laundry and make the bed neat and place the clothing away. Mess up the room. Clean the window and make sure the floor is clear of every dropped item. Mess up the room. The boy is gorgeous in his undies but needs discipline. His body gets it and gets it hard and gets it long. Get it neat and make it clean and put it in order for now on. YES. Make a mess. ha ha ha messy room again laugh Old problem.

  1. Yes Pic#2 moved me too! Also love the messy boy room very typical of his age! Im sure his mom doesn’t like it but I would help him clean it up!!! inlove #5 very inviting! Yummy boy! #5 Oh just to be anyone of them!!!# 8 and 10 nothing cuter and a little sexy then a sleeping beauty boy! So so cute! Little sleeping angels! joy heart

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