14 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XXXII “The most handsome boys”

  1. Here’s something I recently learned but should have known. Andreas in pic #2 was and is the brother of George Smole. Now don’t tell me you don’t who George Smole is because I could literally flood this blog with pics of both George and Andreas. That is if I could register but this site only accepts gmail addresses which I don’t have. My email address is quite valid every where else. It’s too bad since I believe I could make some nice contributions.

      • Gandalf maybe thinks he is a wizard ? I have ten g-mail accounts and five internet business accounts. Who is kidding who ? I also know of George Smole and Andreas Smole. They are modal males posing as gymnasts. Not that I would want to fight with them. nor meet them in a dark alley way … or … yes I would . . But, who is kidding who ? FUN is sometimes just that.

        • CORRECTING my error … I have ten e-mail accounts and five biz accounts all differnet ( and that is NOT different, it IS differnet as well as different ). Just making the fun as much as these ohotos. Especially Picture Number ONE.

  2. I want them ALL! at once! right now! All day…and night…. chuckle Okay I know im getting greedy but you cant stop a guy from trying? Nice post sexy boys! YUMMY! inlove

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