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  1. Note that only a fraction of gay boys is feminate, or wanting to dress like a girl. It’s completely normal to like other boys while being a skater in jeans with a dirty face and bruises on your legs.

    • TimmyBoy…I love Sk8trs in jeans with dirty faces and bruises on their legs!…That’s in my wheel house so to speak!! I live in an area with tons of sk8tr and surf rats! Love them….. inlove Got any pics to share of these types?

    • Boys (oder girls) can as well like, feel attracted to an older person or older persons and/or love an older person. That’s also completely normal. Though I don’t like the word “normal”. The majority of people is at least also homosexual, more or less pronounced. Watch the Kinsey-Scale. I assume in a gay-friendly society, homosexuality would be present 1:1 with heterosexuality.

  2. Beautiful ladies, very beautiful. Especially the first, fourth and fifth look very charming. Some of these bo … I mean ladies look a bit boyish, but it will not harm at all because I like boyish girls (and even more I like boys). Very sweet and lovely boys, all of them. heart hug

  3. Would love to see under the dress to see if they are wearing girls panties or boys underpants. Love to see their panties…..thanks for a great post….I love it…!!!! laugh heart inlove diablo hug

  4. I soooo relate to them…I was sooo much like that as a kid. smile I loved being naked or in short shorts… my friend next door dressed me up a lot. I even had some of her undies. .it was way more secretive than today.. . But those undies made me very popular in boy scouts lol ;)

    And BTW. Looove #1.. and his/her other pics in the cute black dress. Great post!

  5. Boys in frocks…just role-playing…having FUN…discovering all aspects of themselves…they are NOT girls trapped in a boys body…this is a new,recent social idea…i think muchly encouraged by mothers with their own mental issues…which will cause boys to start down a path in society which will bring them nothing but pain…physical…but more so…psycological

  6. Boys are young Males. Girls are young Females. Men are older Males. Women are older Females. 95 %. or some other % There is the odd % and the unusual % and the genitalia making gender a question. They who have have to figure that out. We ALL have to figure out our sex out. Eight billion people have done that. There are the odd things we call homosexual, gay, lesbian. There is just the plain homo, fag, idjit, weird, les, faggot, fem, and even more weirds, There are those off the chart feelings and affectings. We all have to figure that all out for ourselves. Then we build bridges, pave roads, put up buildings, and make medicine. I am not a girl. They tried to dress me as a girl when I was a boy. They were confused. ha ha ha So much nonsense.

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