More Some “Cutes” #37

Who is the cutest?

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www-beautiful-planet: “ Tempting ”



umcasteloemportugal: “ Aleksandr Kolesnikov (actor & model) ”


A charming, adorable boy… What’s not to love?





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13 thoughts on “More Some “Cutes” #37

  1. I couldn’t decide between 2 or 5. I think I’m leaning toward 2. I could get lost in his bluish greyish eyes forever.
    Then again, the sea blue eyes and slight sun tan skin of 5 combined with the gaze could capture my attention away from number 2. It’s a tuff call smile
    Great post, thanx

  2. Yes ALL are cutest BUT who really stands out! I hate to pick But here’s my take on them(some)…#`s 3,7&8 are very cute sexy looking boys! #`s 1,2,5 love the colored eyes and # 10 is a sexy hot playboy boy. Love his look! I would love # 10 all day! I choose 4 and 10 most!! Its a toss up but I have to say for some reason #4 Is a complete HOT BOY!! inlove Look at those big eyes and long as all get out eye lashes! His parts all match! Eyes,nose,lips,ears so sexy! I love this boy!! heart dash dash Oh my god! That wet hair sticking up and his hot face just take my breath away! Hes a dream come true for me! Ill be dreaming of him tonite for sure!! blush Thanks for driving me crazy with this post…Jake97…. chuckle

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