23 thoughts on “My favourites

  1. It was not so easy to decide who is the hottest and whom I would like to kiss the most before I saw the last pic. The last boy is just that boy whom I have dreamed of for years. His eyes and hair, his beautiful face and attracting lips are something that I’d like to kiss really hard. And then I can only imagine how hot he looks when he has tight jeans on. Yes, the last boy is my absolute favorite. yes heart hug

  2. Id want to kiss and more all of them! But since you’ve asked which ONE Id have to say without a doubt #4 he is too sexy! and I would do anything to taste those lips! heart Hes a real sweetheart of a boy! inlove #`s 5&10 are very close runners up! I wouldn’t say no.. chuckle But I say #4 would be it IF I only had to choose just one! Nice post!

  3. Picture Number FOUR is nice but more than that .. he so cute but more than that … he is so sweet ,, but more than that … I want that dot on his throat amid the other smaller one too. MMMM KISS THE MOST the KISS group are gay guys gee bee wee bee who met them and know !!!

    Picture Number FOUR guy may not be gay he is to me a mmmmmMMMMMFFFFFfffffff and more

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